The planet of Illuvia is formed by the life force of every living thing. The tears of a widow are the rivers. The screams of a warrior are the winds. Everything is tied together in a balance that, when interrupted, destroys the Oraclist Tree. The tree is the guard of Illuvia that protects it from the malevolent forces of the evil dimension known as Chrina. Chrina is the place where the sweat of slaves makes up the tinged rivers. The screams of inequality and hate make the gale-force winds. Everything is spawned by the presence of hate and fear.

On the light side, there are many kingdoms. There are kingdoms on the ocean, in the mountains, and on the open plains. Two lands, however, are not of the planet Illuvia itself. Gana, which lay beneath the ocean, was the resting place for warriors at sea. Avia was the kingdom of the clouds, a self-sufficient land where one people existed. The Avians were a historic race of skilled warriors, hard workers, and advanced sciences.

Illuvia was governed by 5 powers. The god of the Sun, Silopeneah, the god of the Ocean, Azurial, the god of the Land, Grondleigh, the god of the Sky, Windrahn. The fifth is Om Jabrus, the god of the Heavens. He is the creator of the Oraclist Tree, and the only mortal god. Om Jabrus governs all the other gods, and tells the illuvians the stories of years past in the starlight skies.

The Avians are the closest to the gods. Their temples and sanctuaries reflect the centuries of holy worship to the gods, where the gods have touched few Avians with their holy power.

An old avian prophecy explains that whenever evil is destined to consume Illuvia, there will be one Avian born with a special power that exceeds that of any warrior. It is called the Aviark legacy, and no surviving Avian has ever witnessed the coming forth of such an individual.

Long ago, the predecessors of the Avians fought a long hard war with evil. The Mysts were blessed with three warriors who became Aviarks. They led their people to a costly victory over the Chrinans, with the power of the Oraclist tree on their side as well as the Oxylene.

The Oxylene was created by the second generation Om Jabrus, in case the Oraclist Tree alone could not turn back the forces of evil. The Oxylene was a godly sword that wielded the power of lightning. Om Jabrus blessed it with a sense that could detect the honor of anyone who touched its woven handle. This would insure that no evil could behold such a devastating power.

When Uriact was born, the gods made an unexpected presence. They took the baby boy for three nights and returned him the dawn of the fourth day. They refused to explain the nature of their visit, and told the Master Bishop to watch over the boy carefully throughout his years.

The boy’s father was in attendance for a short period of time, and had to leave with the army and fight alongside the elfin people for the right to use a valued trade route. The boy’s mother laid to rest one night, and was never seen again. The Master Bishop concluded a yearlong investigation of her disappearance with the theory that the mischievous gods had possessed her and wandered off to die.

Uriact’s uncle and aunt adopted him and kept secret from him the uncanny events of the week he was born.

Now we find Uriact, at the age of 15, striving hard to find the truth about his roots. Little does he know that he is the hero of this era. The gods chose him alone to lead all of Illuvia in turning back a new evil uprising. The task will not be easy to perform, and will cost Uriact many things that are dear to him, including love, friendship, and relics of his indistinct past.

Enter now, the tale of entire planet crying out and banding together to save the planet. Hear the Oraclist tree grant its fruit of magic to the sages, the Oxylene choose an owner, the Armies of countless kingdoms once at war with each other, finally bound to a single cause. Feel the heartbreak and the joy of loss and gain. Live a tale of mysticism, emotion, and adventure in the epic trilogy, Sagas of Avia.

By David Okada