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  • Whenever I update, I add what I did to the main page. After three updates, I start adding the old ones to the "Updates" section. This part of the site really serves no real purpose other than to allow people to see what they missed while they may have been gone.


  • If I like a site, I'll put the link to it in this section. As of right now, there isn't much to see. I'll eventually get as many links as I can and separate them into categories, but as for now, the section stands as it is.

Link to Us

  • If you want to link to "KnightSite," go here. If you think "KnightSite" as a whole is cool enough to link to, then we have the banner code all set for you. Just please, if you link to us, let us know. We'd like to return the favor.


  • Rather like a little credits section, this is where I give you my gratitude for coming to my site.


  • If you want to get our nifty little newsletter, then go to this section. It tells the cool little details about the newsletter that is maintained by the guy at KnightSite main.


  • I put up little games and stuff for bored people like you to download. They're quite cool if you ask me.