When Bells toll, heads roll
When bells ring, angels sing

When chimes clang, bodies bang
When chimes ding, angels sing

When bells chime, the time is prime
To over-throw that monarch SLIME

When chimes ring, we kill the king
and shoot him with a ping

Alliance of Bells and chimes that bring
a swift end to the life of the tyranical king

And our story ends here,
so get me a beer!

No, it's called grogg,
it's medieval times, you dog!!

I need to go sail,
so hand me an ale

How 'bout some rum
you anglo-saxan bum?

I'd like a margarita,

Oo, dis! I'll get you barrels of ale,
would you like dark, amber or pale?

Pale my good man,
or I'll kill you with a pan

That would really hurt bad,
so here y'are, you nomad

Thanks kind sir,
have you asked her?

I don't reckon I have
But do me a fave:

Lest we stay off the topic,
my chances may profit

Okay my good man,
Without any tan

I'll leave you alone
now go chew on a bone

I thought you were sailing
So go away, stop your wailing!

First a margarita,
sexy senorita!

Shh, to rave
go hit the waves!

Titled the Poetry section for obvious reasons.