During June of 1998, the beginnings of what would eventually become Haiabusa first came about.

You see, back in the day, I had just learned the magical language known as HTML and I was attempting to put it to use. Armed with my knowledge and AOL's homepage maker, I was invincible. Making pages was a piece of cake and soon I had a whole two people looking at the site daily (myself and, well... myself) and I was on top of the world. But soon, there was another who threatened the dominance of "ThE KLuB," it was Uriact, the creator of the infamous "Uriact's Domain." You see, he had three people visiting each day (he, himself, and I) and that wasn't very cool seeing how he more content and better stuff than I. It was war.

But soon, since he and I are friends, we decided to link our pages together and form a supersite (4 hits!!!)The sites were quite well off for a while there, but as things go, we both got restless. I pulled my site off in an effort to break away from AOL's lousy system and Uriact just stopped updating. It was a dark time for us and our two sites. After two months, however, something revolutionary happened....

It was early in the morning, about 9:30, when my friend called up with the idea of forming an online network under the title "KnightSite." Naturally, I jumped at the idea of something that could re-start my old feelings of glory and dominance on the web. Progress was rapid and within a week, we both had shiny new pages to show the world. He took the main page and called it simply "KnightSite" while I, on the other hand, started work on the publishing page, "KnightSite Publishing." It lasted a week.

School had started again, and the site was a disaster as horrendous images filled my eyes each time I loaded the page. Once again, it was time for a change. With Uriact and his main page firmly behind me, I began to work on a new page with a tool I like to call, "frames." This new site now deserved a new name. And after months of inactivity, "KnightSite Legends" was born.

Finally, I had created a page worth viewing. Downloads were added, a cool link section was up, and various other sections were put out for the world to see. And yet, I didn't feel as if my mission was being accomplished. I began requesting content from faithful regulars (myself and Uriact) but I still didn't have anything landmark for the world to see. And so my quite nice looking little site stagnated and just sat there, doing nothing in cyberspace.

I stopped updating after April 4th of 2000. Uriact did the same because it became pointless to do what we were doing without any reason. It seemed as if there would be an end to our fine network of two sites...

But no!! We weren't about to go down that easily!

During the beginning of June of 2000, I posted a page that had nothing more than an image, a counter and some text. It was to be the beginning of a new age for what used to be KnightSite. Since we were both resurrecting our fallen sites, Uriact came up with the name Haiabusa, which is Japanese for the Peregrine Falcon, our mascot. Things were finally looking up for us and our site.

Since then, nothing momentous has happened. The official re-launch was on October 1st 2000 and after a brief period of inactivity... we're back.