While the main page of Haiabusa Productions has a brief overview of the purpose of this website, I think it should be more thoroughly explained here.

I realize that some people out there have passions for doing certain things whether it be writing, drawing, debating, writing plays, or writing poetry. I myself have an love of writing. But what I've also seen is that there aren't many outlets for one to display their talent. In response to this, I have set up this website to provide that outlet and perhaps let an aspriring writer get the constructive criticism and praise that they need to further their skills in that particular field.

Here, all credit is given to the author and their work may be commented upon by others. Whether it is by email to the author themselves or in a written review that is posted for the world to see, like I said before, it gives the author the information they need to become truly successful at what they do.

I'd like to stress again that Haiabusa will take no credit for publications that are not created by our own staff members. It is also the author's option to have their email address posted. Nothing that you don't want to be done, will.


-The Webmaster-