Soon will the Avia books be out. Sorry for the delay, but the person who is writing them is none other than Uriact. Uri is the one who delivered KnightSite to the world and is busy with the home page.

The Preview is in! Go there!


"Pikes fore! Archers aft!" cried Uriact at the top of his lungs, "This is it, men! This is it!"
- The final Battle for Avia

The drake and the akila battled fiercey, in the air and on the ground. Fire and ice flew every which way, and the clash of the magics stead fast in the classic tear of good and evil.
- The Battle of Magic

"I... I cannot... say how sorry I am... that he is... dead." said Loran, between sobs, "He fought hard to the last... and the powers will bless him for... such devotion!"
- The death of Keinaken the Muish mage

"I never had a family!" Uriact raged, with tears of anger flowing from his eyes, "I never have been royalty, nor will I ever be! You can't change my mind!"
- The confession of the King