-As of 5.2.2001-
  • Ok. No more content yet, but I might be able to come up with some stuff soon.
  • The Federalism paper by Paul Klinger in the Essay section was good enough to nominate him for "History Student of the Year" at his school. Good work PK!
-Mail Acriact-
What do you think the best Action/Fantasy/War movie of 2001 will be?

Enemy at the Gates
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Final Fantasy
Tomb Raider
Pearl Harbor

Current Results
Welcome to the productions site of Haiabusa! This site exists as a place for normal, everyday people can send in anything for the world to see. Now you may ask, what does he mean by anything? Well, what I mean is that you can send in poetry, stories, art, music, games, etc. Or, if you already have a site for your work, send us the link and we'll provide a link from your site to ours. Full explanation of our terms is given in the Submit section of our site. Also, a full explanation of our small company's goal is in the About Us section.

Recent Developments in the Realm of Haiabusa...

All right. It is the second day of May and nothing new is really happening. At school last night, however, fellow webmaster Uriact and I have decided to write a piece of music to be performed next year. When this is completed, we will put it up. But I have no idea when we'll actually get that done, so don't wait around.
Heh heh... This is the fisrt time in a while that Haiabusa Productions has been updated two days in a row. It's also the first time that I've actually been motivated enough to put some content up. The Poetry and Essays/Speeches sections are up. There isn't too much yet, but today is a day off and after homework, I'll get to gettin' and put some more up.
Yeah!! Haiabusa is updated! Perhaps I didn't forget about it as some people might have thought. Even better news, we have content! Yes, I know, the selection is pitiful and yes, I have more... But I've been updating at school since I don't have time at home. Cut me some slack; I'm a busy guy. Anyway, you can check it out in the " Poetry" section.
Heh heh.... Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I don't really feel that I need to explain myself other than the fact that I have been rather busy. I have begun to write my book again, but the motivation probably won't last. In class, we will also begin our yearly poetry unit once again. I'm assuming that as soon as I tell some of the guys in class, they'll be willing to put some of their stuff online. Oh, and before I forget, here is the link to a site that has the same mission as us: Silver Lady Bug's Home Page. We have to support our fellow webmasters in this hostile world!